Lennox Premier Dealer Logo Carlos Warren & Son is the place to go for a heat pump system in Malden, MO. Heat pumps offer homeowners a unique HVAC option that provides both heating and cooling from a single unit. Plus, a heat pump will perform more efficiently than conventional HVAC systems. A heat pump system is an excellent option for homes in our area, where we don’t get extremely cold winters or triple-digit temperatures in the summer. That’s why we go out of our way to promote them to homeowners as a near-perfect comfort solution.

    Efficient Heat Pumps in Malden

    Unlike a conventional furnace, a heat pump consumes no fuel to heat your home. Instead, it captures existing heat energy from the outside air, amplifies it, and carries it inside to heat your home. Then, in the summer, it operates in reverse to collect heat from inside your home and carry it outside. As a result, a heat pump system can work at up to 400% efficiency in the right winter conditions.

    That’s over four times as efficient as today’s finest gas furnace. In the summer, a heat pump system runs at an efficiency equivalent to today’s high-efficiency AC systems. The average heat pump comes with a SEER rating of 20. As a result, a home with a heat pump can cut its yearly energy bills by up to 40% compared to using a conventional HVAC system.

    A heat pump has various benefits homeowners will appreciate.
    • High energy efficiency
    • Heating and cooling from one system
    • Improved humidity control

    Best of all, you can get a heat pump in more than one form factor. There are heat pump systems that you can install in place of a traditional forced-air HVAC system. Or, you can get a heat pump as a ductless HVAC system. That means homes that don’t have preexisting ductwork can still take advantage of everything a heat pump offers.

    Your Heat Pump System Specialists

    Heat Pump Installation Services - Carlos Warren & SonCarlos Warren & Son has been the go-to provider of heat pumps in Malden since 1974. We are a Lennox Premier dealer, so you can access the latest HVAC technology when dealing with us. Our team of expert HVAC technicians has the training and experience to make short work of a heat pump installation in your home.

    Plus, we’re a staple in the local community, donating our time and money to a variety of local organizations. Those are some of the reasons we have so many five-star reviews from local homeowners just like you.

    When you want the latest heat pumps in Malden, call our team at Carlos Warren & Son today.

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