Ductless AC in Dexter, MO, helps you beat the heat without the hassle of installing ductwork. If you’re considering a ductless air conditioner system, trust only the most experienced team in the area. Carlos Warren & Son knows how to choose, install, and service these air conditioning systems so you can stay comfortable all summer long.

    Reliable Ductless AC in Dexter

    Ductless AC in Dexter, MO
    A ductless air conditioner eliminates the need for traditional ductwork while still cooling your home effectively. It uses an outdoor unit similar to a traditional central air system. Indoor air handlers that mount to your wall or ceiling connect to that outdoor unit to cool your space.

    Each room needs an air handler, and you can connect multiple to one outdoor system. This approach lets you choose a different temperature for each room to keep everyone comfortable without cooling areas that aren’t used often.

    Carlos Warren & Son can install a new ductless air conditioner in your home to solve a cooling need. These systems work well in areas that don’t have ductwork connected to them, such as garages or home additions. We help you choose the right ductless AC equipment to ensure it cools your home effectively and meets your needs.

    After we install the equipment, we’ll show you how it works to ensure you’re comfortable with it. Once you have a ductless AC system installed, you need to take good care of it. Our highly skilled technicians can perform routine maintenance on the equipment to keep it operating optimally.

    They’re also prepared to help when something goes wrong. Our HVAC pros investigate the system to find the source of the problem. They’ll explain the issue and offer solutions to get your cooling back on track.

    Benefits of ductless AC include:
    • No need for ductwork
    • Cheaper installation
    • Energy efficient
    • Better indoor air quality
    • Zone cooling
    • Flexible configurations

    Carlos Warren and Son Team

    Go-To Ductless Air Conditioner Team

    Carlos Warren & Son has been a staple in the community since 1974 with a track record of first-rate customer service. Our highly skilled technicians use their expertise and industry know-how to provide top-notch workmanship on every job.

    We give back to the community by donating to several local programs and organizations. You can count on us for all your HVAC services, including ductless air conditioner service.

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    The team at Carlos Warren & Son is ready to help you with ductless AC services in Dexter. Schedule your appointment today. We also offer expert services for heat pumps, boilers, and more.