What Should I Do If My Furnace Won’t Turn On?

November 8, 2019

Furnaces do more than keep you comfortable during the winter. A properly working furnace keeps you safe. You don’t want to deal with a frigid interior, so don’t delay when the furnace goes out, but don’t panic, either. Follow a few steps to deal with a malfunctioning heater.

Don’t Jump to DIY Conclusions

When your furnace doesn’t turn on, you’ll likely flip through the owner’s manual or perform an online search to figure out what the problem is. Educating yourself about the furnace’s troubles is fine. Trying to fix things by yourself out of a book, however, is a bad idea. It may even be dangerous. Self-assessments and attempts at DIY fixes aren’t recommended. Call a pro instead.

The weather in Missouri can get cold, so think about placing a call to Carlos Warren & Son. We handle repair and maintenance work along with installation and other tasks for heating systems. In the meantime, there are a few common issues that may be preventing your furnace from coming on.

Check the Pilot Light

The most common reason why a furnace won’t turn on is that the pilot light went out. This isn’t really a problem in most instances because furnaces come with a pilot ignition button. A more serious problem, however, could require more extensive repairs.

Check the Thermostat

Is your thermostat battery-powered? Batteries don’t last forever. Once the batteries die, the thermostat may go out, and this affects the furnace. Check and replace the batteries if needed. Also, look for anything out of the ordinary. The thermostat itself could be malfunctioning and require replacing.

Switch the Power Source

A furnace with an electrical power source component won’t work if it isn’t getting any electricity. Is the power button turned off? Hopefully, flicking the “on” switch gets things back on the right track, and there isn’t a severe electrical problem.

Gauge the Natural Gas or Oil

If oil or natural gas supplies the heat, the furnace won’t work on “empty.” Make sure you have enough fuel.

Call Carlos Warren & Son if you’re in Dexter or Sikeston to set up an appointment for furnace service. We’re also efficient at performing air conditioning work.

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