Which Smart Thermostat Is Best?

January 4, 2020

Smart home gadgets have multiplied in recent years, and one of the most practical applications of this technology is the smart thermostat. In most cases, you can control your heating and cooling system remotely using a computer or smartphone. The remote access and programmable features can help to reduce your monthly heating bills. A smart thermostat is a wise investment, but you may be wondering which one to select.

Choosing the Best Smart Thermostat

It’s often best to upgrade to a smart thermostat at the same time you install a new heating and cooling system. That’s because many HVAC systems are designed to work with specific thermostats. Another issue that can come up is the suitability of the wiring you have available for a new thermostat.

Compatibility With Your Heating System

Compatibility between a smart thermostat and a heating system involves more than just how the thermostat communicates with the furnace or heat pump. Older heating systems aren’t designed to communicate with smart thermostats, and newer HVAC systems differ in how they operate. If a heating system doesn’t support a thermostat’s features or vice versa, they won’t be compatible. Some common heating system types that a smart thermostat might support include:

  • Standard single-stage furnaces
  • Energy-efficient multi-stage heating systems
  • Heat pumps with both heating and cooling functions
  • Dual fuel systems that switch between gas and electric heaters

Required Wiring for a Smart Thermostat

Wiring can be another issue you’ll encounter when upgrading to a smart thermostat. These devices need a constant source of power. This power is delivered through a common wire or a “C-wire.” If your house’s wiring doesn’t include this type of power line, you’ll need a certified HVAC technician or electrician to install one. There may also be communication wires that need to be added when upgrading to a new heating system.

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