Advancements in Lennox HVAC

July 13, 2020

Lennox PureAire Air Purification System - Carlos Warren & SonResidential cooling and heating equipment designs have been dramatically improved by the team at Lennox. Their focus on building reliable systems that deliver efficient results keeps them at the forefront of recommended products.

Innovative Home Temperature Systems

Since its inception in 1895, the Lennox company has continued to enhance comfort levels for residential customers. Today, Lennox International is a leader in the home comfort industry and continues to provide cutting-edge solutions. Many of their systems exceed federal energy guidelines as Energy Star products. They’re also the makers of the first solar-powered AC units and leaders in creating seamless whole-home systems. These systems provide purified, balanced and finely tuned air delivery throughout a floor plan.

Latest Advancements From Lennox

The innovative ideas in air conditioning, heat pumps and furnaces just keep coming from the folks at Lennox. Their newest designs include the XC/XP28 and SLP99. These efficient high-powered systems can work to lower utility bills while filling your home with perfect air temperatures. Lennox uses its Precise Comfort technology for unprecedented energy use during extreme outdoor temperatures.

Choose a Leader in Indoor Comfort

Every cooling system has a SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Lennox air conditioners are top-rated in the SEER system which adds up to better efficiency and lower utility bills. Lennox HVAC systems include powerful options for consistent air delivery and extremely quiet operation. You can extend the enjoyment of being indoors with a reliably built system from Lennox.

Homeowners can expect a complete HVAC installation when they contact Carlos Warren & Son for help in Dexter, MO. We also offer free estimates on new system installations. Our technicians are qualified to install all brands of air conditioners and heaters, and our company has been providing quality services and products since 1979. Customers can also request indoor air quality solutions, system repairs and maintenance services from us. Call our office today to find out more about us and our Lennox Premier Dealer status, and let us help you get the comfortable indoor experience you want this season.

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