Advantages of a Heating Maintenance Plan

December 20, 2022
Furnace Maintenance in Dexter, MO

Whether you own a furnace, ducted heat pump or mini split, you want to keep it running as long and as efficiently as possible. This is only possible through continual, professional maintenance. Fortunately, you can get such maintenance on an annual plan; here are some of the benefits of signing up.

Improved Performance, Fewer Repairs

A tune-up can definitely make your heating system run better. You’ll notice, for example, that it will cycle for the appropriate two to three times an hour and that each cycle will last a good 10 to 15 minutes. The air will be warm, not lukewarm, and your rooms will heat evenly.

At the same time, you should notice that the furnace or heat pump breaks down less. A well-maintained system may only call for a couple of minor repairs throughout the year. You won’t face anything drastic like a motor or heat exchanger replacement.

Energy Savings Every Month

An appliance that works harder than normal causes utility bills to increase. On the other hand, a well-maintained unit provides more efficient heating, which translates to a lower monthly bill.

Fewer Breakdowns

A heating unit can break down for many reasons. For example, it can overheat as a result of poor air circulation. Components can become damaged beyond repair because of high heat, leading to replacement jobs. Annual maintenance will prevent these types of things from happening.

Protection for Your Warranty

In the event that your system gets repaired, your warranty will most likely cover the cost if it has been properly maintained. Most manufacturers honor their warranties only on the condition that the system gets a professional tune-up.

Turn to Our Experienced Technicians

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