Air purifiers vs Dehumidifiers

March 8, 2020

Both air purifiers and dehumidifiers can be beneficial to your health. One might be better for you than the other, though. Here are some ideas about which system might be better for your particular circumstances.

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Air Purifiers

Air purifiers remove contaminants and particulates from the air through the use of filters. This helps people who have allergies or asthma. Purifiers can remove pet dander, allergens, dust, bacteria, smoke, and mold spores.

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A dehumidifier works by removing moisture from the air and thereby lowering your home’s humidity level. This helps people with allergies and also reduces damp conditions. A dehumidifier removes mildew, mold, and dust mites. You should use a dehumidifier if your home is above 50% humidity.

When is an Air Purifier Better for You?

Use an air purifier if you or someone in your family has asthma or allergies. It provides the cleanest air possible by removing dust, allergens, pet dander, and other contaminants. An air purifier will also remove odors such as those from pets, smoke, and mold.

Carlos Warren & Son installs both air purifiers and dehumidifier systems for residents of Dexter and Sikeston.

When Should I Use a Dehumidifier?

Use a dehumidifier if you have a respiratory illness that’s negatively impacted by excess humidity. They also help prevent or even kill dust mites. A dehumidifier can even remove musty smells from your home.

They can save you money as well. If you live in a humid area, running a dehumidifier can make your home feel cooler than it actually is, saving you money on your heating bill.

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