Indoor Air Quality and Allergies

February 11, 2020

Air Quality and Allergies - Carlos Warren & SonWith over 40 years of experience in Dexter and southeast Missouri, the experts at Carlos Warren & Son know a few things about the comfort of your home. If the air in your home is not clean, it makes it difficult for your family members to enjoy indoor time. Most homes are filled with irritants and allergens that can have an impact on your health.

Common Household Allergens

The types of allergens in your home depend on the season and several other factors, including home humidity. When light shines through a window on a sunny day, you will see dust floating in the air. This dust is made up of things like dead skin cells, dust mite waste, pollen and mold spores. All of these irritants can create an allergic reaction in sensitive people. At a microscopic level, there are also molecules of volatile organic compounds like those found in cleaning and beauty products.

Signs of Allergic Reactions

The most common allergy issues are the cold-like symptoms of seasonal allergies. People who are allergic will have a runny nose, watery eyes and trouble sleeping. For people with asthma, this can develop into a barky cough or other breathing problems that will not go away. If your family members find relief when they spend a few nights in a different location, it points to a problem with your home air.

For other people, signs of poor air quality can manifest themselves as headaches and nausea. They may feel rundown all the time. Again, if these symptoms go away outside of the home, you want to check your air.

Professional Solutions

At Carlos Warren & Son, we have found that homes with poor air quality benefit from installing air filters or a full air purification system. Our technicians can install a Lennox PureAir system that will actively remove many of the irritants from your air. With a professional solution, you can all breathe a little easier.

Carlos Warren & Son is southeast Missouri’s choice for indoor comfort. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services that include repair, maintenance, and installation. If you are concerned about the comfort of your home, contact Carlos Warren & Son today.

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