Employee Posing With Air ConditionerAt Carlos Warren & Son, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality heating and air in Kewanee, MO. Hiring a professional to perform regular maintenance or repairs offers many benefits. It ensures the longevity of your HVAC equipment, saving you money on costly replacements. When it is time for a replacement, always seek installation service from a reliable company. When it comes to heating and cooling service in Kewanee, we offer tremendous value here at Carlos Warren & Son.

    Heating and Cooling Repairs in Kewanee

    When you hire a professional to perform heating and cooling repairs, the process will begin with diagnosing the issue. Typical problems include a faulty thermostat, restricted airflow, and problems with the blower motor. For gas furnaces, you might also experience a malfunctioning pilot light or ignition switch. Air conditioners might have problems with low refrigerant or dirty coils.

    Here are some indications that you need HVAC repairs:
    • Strange noises or odors when operating
    • Inconsistent indoor temperatures
    • Room temperature air from the vents
    • A failure to turn on or off
    • Unexpectedly increasing energy bills

    Your HVAC Installation Experts

    When repairs are no longer cost-effective, it’s time to replace your system. Depending on the type of system, it should last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. However, after about 10 years, it is losing efficiency. New systems are usually considerably more energy efficient than outdated models. Your options include forced-air systems such as furnaces and central air conditioners, ductless mini-split systems for versatile zoning, or heat pumps for year-round climate control.

    Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    Proper HVAC maintenance is essential for optimal comfort and efficiency in your home or workplace. We recommend HVAC maintenance at least once a year, but a tune-up in the spring and fall is ideal.

    A heater or air conditioner service involves a comprehensive inspection of the system. Our technicians will clean or replace filters, lubricate moving parts, check electrical connections, and calibrate your thermostat. For AC service, a technician will examine refrigerant levels, check for leaks, clean or replace filters, and inspect the condenser and evaporator coils. Gas furnaces will be inspected and adjusted to ensure proper fuel burning and venting of fumes.

    Air Conditioner Unit

    During this process, our technicians can spot and address issues early before they require major repairs. This proactive approach will keep your system in top condition with few repairs and a longer lifespan. It may also improve indoor air quality by eliminating many sources of dust and debris.

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    If you’re looking for exceptional heating and air conditioning services in Kewanee, call us today at Carlos Warren & Son for more information.