When to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

June 12, 2023
HVAC installation

On average, air conditioners will last around 15 years before you’ll need a replacement. The older your system becomes, the more likely it’ll lose its efficiency and indoor comfort capabilities. Knowing when to install a new system will keep your energy costs down and preserve your home’s temperature control. Watch out for these signs that you may be due for an air conditioner replacement.

Frequent Repairs

Even with annual maintenance, it’s common for your system to occasionally require repairs. You may encounter an unexpected issue with your fan blades, compressor, or refrigerant lines. However, an older AC system that needs service several times a year could be nearing the end of its lifespan. Constant repairs will increase your costs, making it more cost-efficient to invest in a modern air conditioner.

Uneven Cooling

Your family needs a well-functioning air conditioner to keep the home cool and safe during the summer. Uneven cooling or poor airflow can allow some rooms to stay too warm for comfort. In a two-story home, this issue may even leave your bedrooms too hot to sleep in. A new, state-of-the-art system will consistently provide you with the cool air you need.

Significant Increase in Energy Consumption

A lack of energy efficiency is one of the biggest concerns with older AC systems. As the air conditioner’s essential parts wear down, it will work harder to meet your desired temperature. This often results in longer cycles that increase overall wear and tear. You may find that your home begins losing its usual comfort even as your electricity bills steadily climb.

Your Local Dependable HVAC Company

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