Will Your Home Warranty Cover Your HVAC Repairs?

September 13, 2022
Home Warranty Checklist in Dexter, MO

One of the best ways to protect the appliances and systems in your Dexter, Missouri, home is by purchasing a comprehensive home warranty. Frequently referred to as a home service agreement, this plan will pay to repair or replace costly home appliances and major home systems as they succumb to normal wear. If you currently have one of these agreements or if you’re poised to buy one, you may be wondering if it will cover your HVAC equipment.

HVAC Systems Aren’t Covered By Appliance-Only Warranties

Heaters and air conditioners are commonly referred to as major home appliances. However, in home warranties, HVAC equipment is considered a home system. If you purchased an appliance-only warranty, you won’t get any financial help from your warranty provider for HVAC replacements or repairs. HVAC systems are only protected by systems-only warranties and warranties that cover both appliances and systems.

Factors Affecting HVAC Protection

In ideal cases, submitting a repair or replacement request for a covered HVAC system is straightforward and easy. However, there are multiple factors that can affect your warranty provider’s willingness to pay for a damaged HVAC system. For instance, your warranty company might not pay for HVAC repairs or replacement if:

  • You’re still within the warranty’s mandatory waiting period
  • You haven’t maintained your HVAC equipment according to your warranty’s terms
  • Your HVAC system needs repairs for any reason other than normal wear
  • You’ve modified your HVAC equipment since signing your service agreement
  • You’ve exceeded the annual coverage limits of your warranty

It’s also important to note that most home warranty companies reserve the right to deny replacement requests when repairs are a feasible alternative. Some also reserve the right to choose service providers when paying for HVAC replacements or repairs.

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