4 Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

July 26, 2022
AC Unit with dampers in Dexter, MO

The hot and humid summers in Dexter, MO will have you turning down the thermostat for relief. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner cycles a lot or your electricity bill is a lot higher than it was during the same month last year, your AC unit could be losing efficiency. Follow these four easy tips to make your air conditioning system more efficient.

1. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean and Clear

Through the spring and summer, tree branches, grass, weeds, shrubs and bushes may grow close to, on or around the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. The air conditioner needs at least three feet of clearance in all directions, including above it. This clearance is necessary for heat dissipation. Keep all vegetation trimmed and away from the outdoor unit.

2. Wash the Outdoor Unit

Once each month, power the unit off, turn off the circuit breaker to the air conditioner and use your garden hose to spray the outdoor unit’s housing. Tree sap, insects and bird droppings can also land on the fan and fins and decrease the system’s efficiency.

3. Change the Air Filter

A dirty air filter could lower your AC efficiency by 15%. Each month, take out the filter and inspect it. If it’s visibly dirty, replace it. Three months is the longest you should wait between filter changes.

4. Unblock and Clean Your Air Vents

Walk through your home, and move furniture, boxes and other items away from the vents. Each month, remove the vent covers. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the vent opening. Wipe the vent covers with a wet, soapy cloth and dry them before returning them to their proper positions.

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