5 Ways to Tell If Your AC Is Running Effectively

August 2, 2021
AC Efficiency in Dexter, MO

Your AC unit needs to work at an optimal level in order for you to get the most value out of it. Efficient operation also mitigates the risks associated with adverse damage or high maintenance and replacement costs. Therefore, we have listed five indicators that show whether your air conditioner is working effectively.

1. Airflow

Insufficient airflow is one of the earliest pointers to a malfunctioning cooling system. It could point to a blockage within the ductwork, a broken-down motor, or a clogged air filter. You might want to consider giving your system a boost in the exchange of stale air with fresh air by investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. We also recommend that you consider investing in zoning systems to ensure that, when most needed, you get the proper airflow and cooling power you need.

2. Frequent Cycles

Irrespective of the weather, a well-functioning air conditioner should be going through regular cycles. Although it is expected that the AC unit will have frequent cycles on hot summer days, the cycle should not be too irregular. If your system is experiencing short cycling, reach out to our team of experts because you may need a new unit.

3. Warm Air in Circulation

It is unusual for warm air to be blowing out of the vents of your AC unit, which means this could be a sign of a malfunctioning system. If warm air continues to blow out even after you adjust the settings for cooling mode, get in touch with our experts to reach a resolution.

4. Loud and Unusual Noises

A well-running air conditioner will make some low noises when starting up and turning off. However, if you experience strange or loud noises, the unit needs an expert’s attention. It could point to significant problems within the appliance. Our technicians will quickly establish the source of the noise and recommend a solution.

5. Bad Odors

Any unpleasant odors coming from your cooling system call for an expert opinion on the cause and resolution. We can address any strange smells coming from your equipment.

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