Closing the Upstairs Air Vents: Does It Save Money?

May 17, 2022
Closing Air Vents in Dexter, MO

You don’t use the upstairs much, and you think that closing the vents to the rooms up there will keep the AC from running too long and yours bills from rising too much. In practice, however, this does quite the opposite.

You Put Pressure on the Air Conditioner

Because your AC is a single-speed unit and is uniquely meant for a home of your size, closing off the vents will throw off its ability to cool your home evenly. You may experience warm spots even downstairs.

Above all, closed vents cause air to back up and generate pressure, which puts wear and tear on the motor. Motor replacements are expensive, and sometimes, one is better off buying a new AC when things reach that level. Carlos Warren & Son has performed many AC replacements in Dexter, MO, though we must say that many replacements could have been put off if homeowners had better maintained their system.

You Cause the AC to Run Longer

An AC doesn’t stop running until the thermostat senses that the indoor temperature has reached the set point. But if you close off the upstairs supply vents, the return vents will suck the air from downstairs into the air handler, and the result is that your downstairs will never reach the set point. You won’t be comfortable, and the AC will drain your wallet.

Besides that, the pressurized air will more rapidly be lost through cracks and holes in the ductwork. This energy loss may impact your monthly bill to a noticeable degree.

Over Four Decades of Experience

Have your AC maintained, repaired, or replaced by our professional technicians here at Carlos Warren & Son. We’ve been serving Dexter and surrounding areas since 1974, and we’re more than familiar with the various brands of AC out there. We’re proud of our designation as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer. Besides ACs, we work on furnaces and heat pumps and carry a great selection of indoor air quality systems. For a convenient appointment, call our office staff today.

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