How Big of a Generator Do You Need to Power a House?

March 17, 2023
Generators in Dexter, MO

If you want to be ready for a power outage, consider getting a generator. This way, you’ll have a reliable power source if the grid goes down. You may be wondering what size to get; if so, you’re not alone. At Carlos Warren & Son, we offer generator services in Dexter and are frequently asked our thoughts about the size of generators. The answer depends on the size of your home and how many appliances you’ll be running during a power outage.

Many Variables

Different components can influence the type of generator recommended for your place. Someone would have to calculate how much power your appliances need to determine the generator size that would be efficient and safe to run. On average, a washing machine might use 750 watts, and a water heater might require 4,000 watts, for example. Central air conditioners and even window ACs can also require a lot of power, whereas a refrigerator might need 700 or 800 watts to keep running. The exact wattage depends on the model.

Fortunately, whole-home generators are ready to handle many appliances at once. You can find 22,000-watt models, which would handle the electricity needs of a large home. Something a bit smaller, like an 18,000-watt or 20,000-watt generator, might also be able to do an excellent job. If you have a smaller home or not as many appliances, a 14,000-watt generator might work.

Consult a Professional

Since a whole-home generator requires a significant investment and needs to be tailored specifically for your home and your needs, it’s important to work closely with a trained professional. Our team can precisely calculate the ideal size generator, keeping your budget in mind.

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