Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Winter

November 18, 2021
Winter Indoor Air Quality in Dexter, MO

With doors and windows tightly shut, the indoor air quality in your home gets worse in the winter. There’s low air flow and poor air circulation. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Change the Furnace Filter

You should change your furnace filter in the winter. Inspect it every month, and swap it out when it’s dirty. Since all the air in your home circulates through the furnace filter, it collects dust, pollen, pet hairs, and other air pollutants. Look for a filter with a MERV rating of 12.

Dump Conventional Cleaners

Conventional cleaners and disinfectants emit harsh chemicals. This is especially true when they have artificial scents. You can make homemade disinfectants and cleaners that are just as effective as what you buy at the store and that don’t have harmful health effects.

HVAC Air Purifier

You can have an HVAC air purifier installed that keeps your indoor air quality high throughout the year. They are highly effective at removing contaminants and allergens from your home’s air. They do so in a way that consumes little electricity, so they have a minor effect on your utility bills.

Carlos Warren & Son in Dexter, MO, installs Lennox PureAir air purification systems. We’ve been helping people since 1974.

Remove House Plants

You should keep your plants outdoors. While they look nice indoors, plants are also ideal places for mold to grow. Improve your indoor air quality by looking at your flora through a window.

Let Fresh Air In

Even during the winter, there are days when you can open the windows to let fresh air in. Use fans to help circulate air so fresh air can reach all areas of your home.

We offer exceptional repair, replacement, and tune-up services for heaters and air conditioners. The team at Carlos Warren & Son also offers indoor air quality products and services. If you’re in need of a service, please call our office today.

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