Planning for Your HVAC Service Visit

September 10, 2019
Updated July 20, 2023

Getting your HVAC system serviced on a regular basis plays a part in keeping it running in an efficient way. On the day of your service appointment, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your HVAC service visit.

Make Sure the Area is Clear Around Your HVAC System

Is your heating and cooling system located in a utility room in your home? Maybe it’s located in your basement. No matter where your heating and cooling system is located in your home, it’s a good idea to clear the area around it before your service appointment.

Some ways to prep the area:

  • Move the laundry baskets off the floor
  • Put the cat’s litter box in another area of the room
  • Move the broom and dustpan to a different corner

Take Note of Any Questions You Have About Your System

Making a list of questions for your technician to answer can help you better care for your HVAC system. You may want to know what kind of furnace filters to purchase or how often to change the air filter. Our knowledgeable technicians at Carlos Warren & Son in Dexter are happy to answer any questions about your system.

Secure Pets in Another Area of Your Home

Put your dogs and cats in another area of your home before your technician arrives. Not surprisingly, your dog or cat is going to be curious about a different person in the home. Keeping your pets in a separate area prevents them from interfering with our HVAC technicians as they go about their work.

Professional, Courteous Service

In addition to providing maintenance service for your heating and cooling system, we perform repairs as well as install new systems for residents of Dexter, Sikeston, and the surrounding areas in Missouri. We use name-brand equipment and supplies in our installations and repairs. Our team of highly trained technicians stands ready to get your HVAC system running at its most efficient. Give Carlos Warren & Son a call today and schedule your HVAC service visit!

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