Employee Posing With Air ConditionerAt Carlos Warren & Son, we strive to provide high-quality heating and air conditioning services in Tallapoosa, MO. We’re a dependable Lennox Premier Dealer that’s dedicated to keeping your family comfortable all year long. We have more than 40 years of heating and cooling experience and always guarantee your complete customer satisfaction.

    Along with our thorough, high-quality craftsmanship, we also promise free estimates on new systems. We offer both non-emergency and emergency HVAC repairs, maintenance appointments, and expert, energy-efficient installations.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

    Coming home to an uncomfortable house usually points to a problem with your AC or furnace. These systems can start emitting strange noises and unpleasant smells as they struggle to meet your temperature settings. They may also run for too long or short cycle, which occurs when the system turns off prematurely. Ignoring the early warning signs could allow the system to increase your energy costs and further worsen your comfort.

    Gain access to these amazing benefits when you trust trained HVAC technicians with your heating and cooling repair needs in Tallapoosa.
    • Limits spread of damage
    • Protects air quality
    • Lowers energy bills
    • Prevents major system breakdowns

    Tallapoosa ‘s Heating and Cooling Installations

    The energy efficiency ratings of old systems can’t compare to the new HVAC standards. Replace your outdated furnace or air conditioner to take advantage of better seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and (annual fuel utilization efficiency) AFUE ratings. Heating systems today can have up to a 98% AFUE rating while cooling systems are federally required to meet at least 14 SEER.

    With improved energy efficiency, your system won’t have to utilize as much electricity or natural gas to maintain your home’s comfort. These systems will also boost your property value, last longer than previous models, and require minimal service or repairs.

    Air Conditioner Unit

    Residential HVAC Maintenance Services

    A maintenance appointment involves a skilled technician checking your HVAC systems for damages, dirt, and potential efficiency concerns. This service is a proven way to extend your system’s lifespan and lower its cost of operation. Your furnace and air conditioner will also function quieter and produce cleaner air. You should schedule preventative tune-ups at least once a year for each of your indoor comfort systems.

    For many HVAC manufacturer warranties, maintenance is a routine requirement. This service will keep you up-to-date on potential concerns like the beginnings of rust or corrosion as your system ages. Your technician will also be able to promptly replace faulty or compromised parts before they start wearing down other components.

    Carlos Warren & Son

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