The Best Ways to Heat a Garage

March 9, 2021
Garage Heater

If you use your garage as a workshop, you probably want to use it in the winter. You can do this more comfortably if you find an efficient way to heat it. There are several ways to make your garage warm when it’s cold outside.

1. Start With Insulation and Weatherizing

The first step is to insulate your garage and seal gaps. There’s no point trying to heat your garage if warm air quickly escapes. You should consider finishing the ceiling, so you can place insulation above it.

2. Space Heater

The simplest, cheapest way to heat your garage is with a space heater. Look for a convection one that warms the surrounding air. You should buy one that is powerful enough to heat your entire garage. It should have safety features, such as automatically shutting off if it falls over.

3. Garage Heater

There are heaters made specifically for garages. They’re vent-free and can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall. They put out much more heat than a portable space heater, so they can easily heat even a three-car garage. You can also buy a gas version so you don’t increase your electricity bills.

4. Mini-Split Ductless System

These systems are more expensive than portable heaters, but they provide a long-term solution. You can set the temperature to whatever is comfortable, just like the thermostat in your home. Another benefit is they can cool your garage in the summer as well.

5. Radiant Floor Heating

If you’re having a garage built, radiant floor heating is an option. In this system, tubes of hot water run throughout the garage floor. Radiant floor heating is relatively inexpensive to install before the floor is poured.

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