What Are HVAC Dampers and Why Are They Important?

June 14, 2022
AC Unit with dampers in Dexter, MO

Most homeowners have equipped their houses with an HVAC system. Nevertheless, not all homeowners know the parts that make up their HVAC system. Dampers are crucial HVAC components that play a significant role in regulating the temperature around your home. Keep reading to learn more about dampers, how they work, and their importance.

What Is an HVAC Damper?

An HVAC damper is a component in your heating and cooling system that controls the system’s airflow. In addition, a damper also helps in controlling the temperature in a room. You will find dampers between the supply duct and the main trunk line in air ducts. These components in air ducts are like valves that play a crucial role in the zoning system.

How Do HVAC Dampers Work?

Dampers feature a plate-like design that decides the amount of heated or cooled air that goes into different areas in your ductwork. When you close the damper, you will direct the airflow in another direction. You can manage to cool or heat a designated room efficiently through this. However, compared to vents, you will find HVAC dampers near the air source. This makes them more effective and efficient in directing airflow to another room.

Importance of HVAC Dampers

The most visible benefit of HVAC dampers is the capability to manage the temperature of your entire house. This works well for families with several rooms and members that require different temperature levels. For instance, with an HVAC damper, you can change the temperature of the master bedroom without interfering with the temperature of your entire house. Another advantage of HVAC dampers is that they help relieve homeowners of paying high utility bills. Limiting the airflow allows the HVAC system to use low energy when running.

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