When and How Often to Service an AC

August 15, 2022
AC Service in Dexter, MO

Many people aren’t aware that monitoring and maintaining their air conditioner is important. No matter where you live, your AC unit will need routine maintenance in order to continue operating effectively and efficiently. With regular tune-ups, an AC technician has the chance to clean and lubricate parts, inspect wiring, change filters, and identify small problems before they turn into big, costly issues. So, when and how often should you be inspecting maintenance visits for your AC?

The Best Time to Service Your AC Unit

At a minimum, you need to have an AC tune-up at least once a year, but most equipment manufacturers recommend twice-yearly maintenance visits. In fact, many manufacturer warranties require that you have maintenance twice a year in order to keep the warranty valid. Regardless of whether you get an annual or biannual tune-up, spring is a great time for a maintenance visit. Having an inspection in the springtime enables you to prepare your AC for the coming cooling season.

Fall is also a good time for AC maintenance. After working hard to keep your home cool all summer, your AC could use some cleaning and adjustments, and there may be some parts that need to be repaired. At Carlos Warren & Son, we are highly experienced in maintaining AC units of all makes and models throughout Dexter and the surrounding area.

Are Summer and Winter Tune-ups an Option

You can schedule a tune-up for your AC at any time, but summer and winter aren’t ideal for a couple of reasons. For one, HVAC technicians are typically very busy dealing with service calls during these seasons, so it may be difficult to schedule an appointment. Also, once summer arrives, you need your AC to keep you cool, but a maintenance visit will require that you shut it off, which could lead to an uncomfortable home. If repairs are needed, you may find yourself without an AC for several days while you wait for a repair appointment.

If it’s time to schedule AC maintenance, Carlos Warren & Son is ready to help. We also offer AC repair and installation and a full range of heating services. Our team can help with indoor air quality services as well. Call us today for an appointment!

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