Which Air Conditioning Units are the Best?

April 12, 2021
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With summer heat on the horizon in Dexter, now is the time to prepare your home with a great new air conditioner from Carlos Warren & Son. Before deciding which system you’ll invest your money in, you should think about which air conditioning system is the best. By understanding a few simple criteria, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a great system.

Sized Correctly for Your Home

More than a brand name, the best air conditioning unit for your home is the one that is sized correctly for your space. A unit that’s either too large or too small will cause issues with efficiency and comfort. That’s why it’s important to have a technician with Carlos Warren & Son measure your home so that you can select a system with the correct cooling capacity.

Consider Efficiency

Another important factor when choosing the best air conditioning unit is efficiency. Given the significant amount of power that an air conditioner uses, a high-efficiency system can help save a lot of money over time. The most efficient air conditioners are ground-source heat pumps. These units take advantage of the ground’s temperatures to pull heat from your home.

Invest in Quality

When purchasing a new air conditioner, it’s easy to get sticker shock. It’s important to get over that, though, so that you can choose a unit that will provide reliable service for years to come. Spend as much as you can to get a unit from Carlos Warren & Son that’s well built and efficient. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending a lot on repairs within just a few years. The good news is that the pros at Carlos Warren & Son work hard to keep your system and installation costs as low as possible.

Installing the Best Systems

Whether you’re installing a small ductless system or a multi-zone central air conditioner, the pros at Carlos Warren & Son can take care of you. We proudly specialize in the repair, maintenance, and installation of air conditioners and furnaces for customers around the Dexter, MO, area. We can also help improve your home’s air quality with the installation of a whole-home air purifier. Our 40-plus years of experience help us to complete every project with excellence. To learn more about choosing the right air conditioner, contact us at Carlos Warren & Son today.

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