How To Reduce AC Noise

July 28, 2021
AC Unit with dampers in Dexter, MO
Updated July 20, 2023

Air conditioners that produce loud clanking or hissing noises can be a nuisance to a good night’s sleep. In the daytime, it can test your patience as you try to get some work or chores done. Fortunately, there are a lot of common DIY solutions to silencing a loud air conditioner.

1. Determine the Source

Observe where the noise is coming from and what kind of sound is being made. A buzzing sound inside your AC may signal an issue with the condenser fan motor or the contactor relay switch, while a hissing noise may be indicative of a coolant leak or coil damage.

2. Check the Product Description

While most modern AC units are built to operate as quietly as possible, the lower-end models might not be equipped with noise-reduction technology. In addition, the unit may be oversized for your space. Consult with an HVAC technician to inspect your AC to determine if it’s the right size for your home.

3. Fix or Repair Airflow Problems

Whistling or whining noises may indicate a problem with one of the AC unit’s parts that deal with airflow. The issue may stem from a clogged filter, leaky pipe, damaged ventilation, or inadequate fan motor speed. Fixing or replacing these parts may help resolve the issue.

4. Do Regular Maintenance

Your air conditioner, like any other home appliance, needs routine maintenance to make sure all its parts are in tip-top shape. The blower belt, for instance, may have come loose or is already frayed. The motor shaft bearings might be chafing with the surrounding parts due to a lack of grease.

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